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If you’ve ever heard how important word-of-mouth is to sales, then you know how important a brand is to building revenues. Build top-of-mind awareness to drive sales with the right mix of incentives for prospects.

Bergman will help you generate leads and convert them into business with programs and products that integrate with your sales process.

Some examples of programs that help drive sales:


Trade Shows

Run the show by offering world-class incentives to cement your status as trade show heroes with memorable content and exciting, timely, and useful gear. The right introduction sets up that first meeting. Build brand loyalty on first contact, and set an impression that stands out in a crowd.


Customer Awards

Recognize the value that your customers play in your company’s success with a customer recognition program that not only helps insure your customers stay loyal, but that they also refer their friends and colleagues. Nothing tells customers they are great partners like the right reward.


Business Development

The right incentive for the right customer at the right time can be essential to pushing a sale over the finish line. Work with Bergman to evaluate your customer’s journey and to identify programs and products that deliver the right message to make that journey even easier.

Whether you’re marketing your brand to consumers or nurturing that business-to-business relationship, Bergman knows how to turn your brand into revenue. At Bergman, we don’t create clutter, we create value. And value builds long-term customer relationships. Use our experienced team, easy-to-use technology solutions and unparalleled industry knowledge to help drive more sales for your business.

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