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Uniform Programs

No matter what sport you follow, you’ll find fans suiting up in solidarity. Wearing team apparel reminds them that their enthusiasm is an important part of any winning effort. If your company shares an office or is comprised of a distributed workforce, remind them that they are all part of the same team with a uniform program.

Whether you’re evaluating starting an apparel program or you have already implemented one to improve professionalism, security and branding, Bergman can simplify your processes and streamline fulfillment, reporting and tracking.

Your brand and business needs determine your apparel style and selection, and Bergman is ready to take the anxiety out of your wearable selection.

Bergman’s fully customizable uniform solutions allow your organization to:

  • Technology solutions for online ordering of uniform options across divisions and locations
  • Set-up a single user sign-on solution for seamless web access from your organization’s intranet
  • Provide a wide range of styles providing functionality no matter which industry: from financial and healthcare to construction and technology
  • Analyze your employees’ selections and control costs
  • Integrate cost center and PO tracking for internal accountability as well as for organizational return-on-investment

Choose your look, unify your team and coordinate your business with uniforms your staff will be proud to wear. Find your team’s winning uniform program with help from Bergman and get ready to dress for success!

Safety Programs

Your company’s safety program protects and motivates your most important resource – your employees, helps you stay compliant with federal laws, controls costs, improves outcomes and is a direct reflection of your brand to your customers.

Bergman can help drive success in this most-critical recognition category of programs. We will help you:

  • Analyze your evolving workplace culture to keep company safety commitments relevant and top-of-mind
  • Recommend the right rewards to recognize your team’s safety efforts to avoid lost-time accidents
  • Create online portals for your team to easily order branded safety rewards
  • Leverage technology to make safety programs easy to track and implement
  • Review what’s working and what isn’t in your safety program
  • Integrate cost center and PO tracking for internal accountability as well as for organizational return-on-investment

Working with one of the oldest and largest construction companies in the world across 5 generations, Bergman understands the critical importance of safety programs wherever there is an increased risk of workplace injuries. These aren’t just customers, they’re also neighbors.

Wellness Programs

Your most precious resource is your people. Key to retention and productivity, wellness programs are an in important part of preventing your staff from overextending, injuring, or exhausting themselves. A brand that cares about their employee’s wellness is better positioned for business success.

Bergman understands the psychology of growing wellness programs within existing company cultures. Successful wellness programs give employees the privacy and support to use the right incentives, tools and strategies to take care of their wellbeing. Recognizing exemplary work-life balance and harmony sets you apart as an employer who truly cares about their team.

Bergman’s fully customizable wellness programs allow your organization to:

  • Learn your organization’s unique culture, customize the best strategies for communicating and promoting wellness initiatives
  • Provide a wide range of incentives and rewards to meet the diversity of your workforce
  • Create a custom portal for tracking wellness progress by individual employee, with single sign-on options to insure staff privacy
  • Analyze employee and team progress and track the rewards and incentives driving the best performance
  • Integrate accounting and general ledger entries for your wellness program

Our headquarters in Omaha is ground zero for the start of the corporate wellness movement, when the CEOs of Union Pacific, Mutual of Omaha and others started Wellcom (now Wellbeing Partners) in 1982. We would love to help your business customize or optimize a Wellness Program to keep your office the healthiest and most productive it can be!

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