February 22, 2023 · Slice of Life


The Power of Simplicity

Since its inception, Philadelphia coffee shop, Elixr, has championed local visual artists that make the city vibrant and unique. For ten years, an array of featured artists have transformed the space with giant murals, sculpture, and experimental art; now it’s the poets’ turn. With their current six-month initiative, titled “Heart on Your Sleeve”, Elixr is featuring the work of a different Philadelphia-based poet each month… on the sleeves of their coffee-cups. Read more here.

There’s a power in the simplicity of the project, a seemingly effortless symbiosis between the coffee they craft the art world they celebrate. The unpretentious paper cup is a natural canvas for the written word and makes the poetry, like the coffee, more accessible, transportable, and experiential.



Cups are among myriad forgettable items we interact with daily. To transform one into something to notice, to consider, or to share communicates brand values in a way that words alone just can’t do. This combination of surprise and delight is what our team here at Bergman Incentives does best; we would love to talk with you about ways your business can achieve this same impact by capturing the imagination of your audience.

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