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Put Your Tradeshow Needs on Autopilot


Let’s say you’re planning for tradeshow season. It’s coming up and you’ve got everything booked. Businesses take time to plan their logistics for trade shows including renting booth space, booking hotel rooms, plane tickets and even planning meals for entertaining clients. This is second nature for event planners not only to get what they need before they miss out on the right location, room block etc., but also to contain costs. The truth of the matter is that late planners end up paying more.

Companies are generally accustomed to calling us 2-3 weeks before an event and expect everything to be available on time and at the right price. This almost always causes unnecesary stress. We’ve seen it all too often. Items aren’t in stock or don’t arrive in time. By now, most clients are well aware of the supply chain constrictions as well as shipping delays. Even if items can be produced quickly, if there’s a time crunch, you’ll end up paying 3x, 4x, or even 6x more in shipping if it has to ship via expedited method.



With proper planning and utilization of our services, inventory issues can be avoided. Take advantage of cost savings by buying for your entire tradeshow or recruiting season ahead of time. We have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space to house your items which is especially valuable in times of supply chain and logistics issues. Together, we’ll sit down and help you plan out which items and quantities need to be shipped to your various locations by date. We’ll ship your items out to your events when you need them arriving within that critical window between “not to arrive before” and “no later than”. That means your swag will arrive on time every time. Think of it like autopilot for your business that saves you money.

Now is the time to look ahead and plan for the year ahead. Sit down with us and we can help you fill in with the right products working within your budgets and ordering timeframes. Then, once we all agree on a plan, Bergman can implement it for you and keep you informed every step of the way.

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