February 19, 2024 · Slice of Life

Ownership & Commitment



This month, Bergman President, Mike Battershell, was featured on the cover of the Midlands Business Journal. The complimentary article highlights the decisions Battershell has made regarding his journey into the role of President of the Bergman business.
In 2017, after 17 years with the company, Mike Battershell took on the role of president at Bergman, the preeminent promotional merchandise company in the Midwest.


Battershell focused on evolving the 135-year-old company’s identity and integrating unique personality traits to enhance client service. He introduced core values centered around relationship building and accountability, reinforcing the importance of commitment and ownership. His affable and entrepreneurial spirit took center stage as he and his team engaged in business, solved problems, and fulfilled client needs.


Now, seven years later, the pace of business hasn’t slowed; Battershell is still prioritizing relationships and the need for swift action balanced with strategic caution to match today’s dynamic business environment.

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