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Brand Stand Out

You need to stand out to make an impression. That’s differentiation… a prime directive of any successful business strategy. Something must set you apart from them. The rest of the world. Your competitors. Be unique, but true to yourself and your brand. That goes for your swag selection as well. Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Think about the message that you want people to associate with your brand. Is it functional, is it trendy, does it have a high perceived value? Each of these examples create an opportunity to customize the product or visual representation of your brand.

What is something that you use every day that supports the product or service that you offer?  Well, you might say “pen” or “notepad” and you might not be wrong. But, you need to go beyond just the “what” and answer the “why”.


Consider how your swag intentionally ties into, and reflects upon, your BRAND. What does your BRAND represent? What is your mission?

If you’re NIKE, your brand is performance and progressive design. So, maybe consider a uniquely-designed brand-name tech gadget such as this Anker super-fast wall charger.

If you’re Charles Schwab, your brand represents stability, security, and financial leadership. Maybe consider a journal book with custom tip-in pages with retirement planning tips.

In either case, the items you choose need not only reflect your brand, but must meet your target audience where they are….and, of course, align with your budget.

So, in the Charles Schwab example above, if you are targeting 401K participation to 30-somethings, we would need to change the custom tip-in pages to reflect relevant information.

See that?! You can utilize the same swag that reflects YOUR BRAND to different target audiences.

Reach out to one of our Bergman “Brand Gurus” for more insight on how to best accomplish this for your next event, promotion, or brand initiative.


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