February 25, 2022 · You Oughta Know

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Introducing The 2022 Feels Good Collection


Let’s be real, the last two years have been rough. The world is a stressful place, and many people have struggled with finding a good work-life balance. Many businesses have made the decision to move to all remote or hybrid style work environments. As we all know, it’s important to continue to engage with your remote teams. That’s where we come in.

When organizations invest in their remote employees’ long-term success and engagement, they are rewarded with happier, more productive employees who are in it for the long-haul. One way to connect with and show appreciation for your employees is through personalized gifts delivered in branded packaging.

We are excited to bring you the Feels Good Collection.  This catalog includes some great ideas that will provide a welcome reprieve from the daily grind. For mental and physical well-being, people are looking for more ways to reduce stress through mindfulness, exercise, and yoga among others. As preventative measures and restrictions begin to loosen, people are coming together more to gather, socialize, and re-connect. Help your employees and customers find their happy place with items from the Feels Good Collection. Here you will find items like Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, and wireless chargers.


Caring for the Planet Feels Good

The environment is at the front of many people’s minds when it comes to the products they purchase and use. The Feels Good collection includes products inspired by the sustainable properties and natural feel of bamboo, cork, and wheat. The Feels Good Collection is an assortment for work, home and all the fun places in between where giving thanks and recognition are always encouraged. Feels Good connects us to people and the planet through products with less environmental impact and more social impact.


Upgraded Tube Packaging is Here
Kitting is key. We have the ability to combine any number of unique packaging solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs. The Feels Good collection includes upgraded drinkware packaging designed to impress. Command attention to a brand with drinkware presented in a high-end, retail inspired tube that gets noticed and elevates the unboxing experience. Stainless steel drinkware products arrive nestled safely in a standard eco tuck-in box. Not just any plain old box either, but one with a subtle tonal circular pattern printed using an eco-friendly soy-based ink. All the non-stainless bottles, come standard in a simple, yet understated recycled polypropylene pouch.


Visiting real people in real places

Take flight with products that elevate the travel experience. The return of going somewhere to see someone in real life again as part of the job is exhilarating. Having the right travel tools and work accessories to enhance your productivity and promote your company while you’re back on the road are important benefits of a well merchandised travel pack.

As we continue to weather this storm and the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter, Bergman and Spector Co. are here to help you provide your remote and in-office employees as well as your customers with products that bring stress relief, peace of mind, and an enjoyable experience. More than ever, it feels good to connect to people and the planet.