Jermi has 8 animals. 8! He has 4 dogs, 3 cats and pet snake.

Jermi is an avid reader. He loves fantasy and his favorite series is The Way of Kings Series by Brandon Sanderson.

Jermi loves to play games - be that tabletop or video games. He specifically loves RPGs.

Jermi “Minion” Loetz

Jermi is one of our warehouse specialists. It started off as a joke, but he really likes using a profile picture of his favorite movie to stand in for him. We call him "Minion" because of his love of bananas. Seriously, every time we see him he has his hoodie up and eats a banana. Dude really loves his potassium. Anywhoo, he has years of warehouse experience and helps ship out orders. All kidding aside, we're really happy to have his expertise here at Bergman!

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