June 25, 2024 · Branding,You Oughta Know

Your Marketing Plan Needs Branded Merch


Merch Works

In today’s fast-paced marketing world, businesses need effective and affordable ways to boost their brand and connect with customers. Branded merchandise has become a key tool toward this end, and for good reason. Research gathered by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in 2023 shows that promotional gifts have a strong impact:

 •  96% of people can better recognize the brand.

 •  75% think more positively about the brand than similar brands that didn’t give them a gift.

 •  70% are likley to switch to a company they haven’t done business with before.

 •  83% are more likely to do business with your company in the future.

Right on Target

The first step to maximizing your success with branded merchandise is strategy. Having a clear brand identity enables you to make decisions that align with the company’s goals and values as you introduce or reinforce your brand to your targeted audience. Knowing and engaging directly with your audience increases your ROI, decreases your CPI, and boosts brand loyalty. That just isn’t possible with most other advertizing or marketing methods.

Increase ROI

To mazimize your return on investment (ROI), your business should set (and measure) clear goals like increasing brand value, boosting sales, or sparking conversations. Understanding your goals allows you to assess your success with meaningful metrics and pivot if you miss the mark.

Aligning the budget and distribution of products with your goals ensures resources are well spent. Every dollar spent on these products should help the business grow by increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Shrink CPI

Branded merchandise has a lower cost per impression (CPI) compared to traditional ads. Promotional items might cost as little as $0.06 per impression, while magazine or TV ads can be around $1.8. Bulk buying makes these items even more affordable, offering a budget-friendly marketing solution that, when done well, is more memorable than traditional ads.

Cultivate Loyalty

Choose high-quality items that match your target audience; items that get used daily or weekly provide meaningful promotion in the form of a personal endorsement. This ongoing exposure enhances brand familiarity and loyalty, which in turn increases engagement and revenue. Company gifts boost employee morale and retention, which lowers hiring costs. Branded merchandise generates conversation; recommendations from loyal customers and employees drive organic growth.

The Power of Swag

Goal-driven gifting is a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool that offers high ROI, low CPI and extended on-target visibility for your brand. Branded Merchandise should be a key part of any marketing strategy, helping to engage customers, reinforce brand values, and build long-term loyalty. Bergman is here to help with careful planning and execution of your branded merchandise program to achieve maximum business growth and satisfaction.

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