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Live with Bergman



In case you missed our 2nd “Live with Bergman” virtual tradeshow on February 9th, check it out here.

Our theme was “Trends for 2021” and in it we covered a number of key areas that will help you stand out from the crowd:



We show how we can help you make more strategic purchase decisions by taking into account the impact your products have on the environment.



Well, it used to be the place where you ate a meal or two and got a good night’s rest.  Now it’s grown to become your office, school and gym as well!  See some great products to bring it all together for today’s home. 



Products to help you destress, keep you mentally healthy and physically safe.  Check out our new Omni Clean collection of products.



Be sure to see our best ideas that help you say “thank you” to your employees and clients in the most unique and special way.  We feature unique specialty food gifts along with an array of premium exclusive retail brands including Bose, Opkix video cameras, Pladra flannel shirts and Fracture glass prints.


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