August 10, 2023 · Slice of Life

Creating Meaningful Traditions


A couple weeks ago, we saw the Creighton University School of Medicine’s White Coat Ceremony. The hundreds of white coats we made for Creighton were presented to the incoming class of 2027. This ceremony and this coat are a big deal, celebrating how far these students have come, reinforcing the importance of the journey ahead, and expressing confidence in their abilities. Just by donning the jackets, the students proudly became ambassadors of the institution.


Sometimes the things we gift, the things we receive, or the things we earn become important symbols of a moment in time. Awards, keepsakes, and souvenirs can be curiously powerful. Somewhere within their parts, they store memories. A child’s drawing, the flag from dad’s casket, your diploma, that inappropriate birthday card from your BFF, and that star from grandma’s tree. We hold tightly to these things because of their sincerity and because they remind us of past accomplishments, stories, and relationships.


Including ceremony, fanfare, or memorabilia in your recognition process gets you half-way. It’s the follow-through that will make or break your efforts. You must demonstrate that the meaning and importance doesn’t disappear as soon as the event ends. With consistency and an eye on the long-game, this tradition (and your brand) will become something that your audience is eager to engage with.

So, let’s consider what accolades or benchmarks within your company could use some more hype. What are some ways to say, “We see you, we appreciate you, and we’re glad you’re here”? Let us help. Bergman’s branding specialists are here to help you create or enhance your own traditions. We help brands take shape.

We’re the experts, lean on us!