December 12, 2023 · Slice of Life

Decoration Team

Bergman Deco.

Earlier this year, Bergman purchased an amazing family-owned embroidery business, Austin Embroidery, now Bergman Deco. Adding decoration to our in-house operations enables us to deliver items more quickly, more consistently, and ensure the highest quality for our clients. We’ve been working with Shannon and her team for a long time and are familiar with one-another’s professionalism and ethic. The merger has been smooth and successful. The team that transferred over with the business is unmatched in their expertise and commitment to quality.

This is Connie (above). She’s the hat expert. Hats are one of the biggest volume items we decorate and, because they’re not flat, they require extra attention. Connie’s precision gets the stitching just right and her productivity will make your head spin.

This is Codi. She gets the apparel ready for embroidery by hooping the imprint areas. With eight years of experience, her eye for placement is finely-tuned and super-efficient. Her patience and cheerful affect, paired with her depth of knowledge are an asset to the team.

This is Marcus. He runs the embroidery machines. After Codi’s got the items prepped, He and Roz position them into the machines and start the actual embroidery. They monitor the machines, reload thread, and correct any issues on the fly. Then they unload the machines to start a new batch.

This is Roz. She’s in charge of personalization. She runs some of the smaller machines, putting your names on polos and lab coats. She’s also the first step in quality control. She checks items for consistency and accuracy as they come off the machines, and she works with Jen to trim the embroidery backing and to resolve any imperfections.

This is Jen. She’s the QC expert. She looks at the tiny details of each item, trimming and masking threads, making sure everything is just right. She also runs the steamer, getting rid of wrinkles so your items look their best. She’s the person you want looking over your items before they ship.

This is Shannon. She’s the boss. Shannon’s also the administrator, order manager, account manager, finance manager, and design manager. With the Bergman team, Shannon communicates with clients, answers phone calls and emails, manages orders and invoices, receives inventory, oversees machine performance and supplies, reviews artwork, gets designs ready for the machines, and gets products to the warehouse for shipment.

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