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Create a Stunning Unboxing Experience with Bergman’s Kitting Services

Would you love a great way to reward, recognize and otherwise, engage your employees?

Surprise and delight them with a thoughtful and targeted gift delivered directly to them.  This is even more important given the disconnected, remote work, kids-are-home-from-school-again environment we are experiencing today.   And, Bergman’s has just the solution for you to create the right mix of products tailored to your specific audience and perfectly packaged to communicate your unique message.

Bergman is your kitting specialist.  Our 15,000 square foot facility is fully-staffed daily to make your vision come to life quickly and effortlessly.  We provide a full range of affordable kitting and assembly services for customized projects. Combine the power of promotional products with high-impact custom packaging to strengthen your brand and send the perfect message.  Whether your kitting project is big or small, we’ll tackle it quickly and efficiently.



No matter the occasion, there’s an easy way to create a memorable gift experience. Our kitting service allows you to create fully custom gifts with products from hundreds of suppliers.  Pick a single product or mix and match multiple items – from blankets and drinkware to scented candles and snacks, you can create something that’s a perfect match for your budget and occasion.



Our services feature custom decorative packaging. There is a tremendous impact in creating your own custom box. This is a unique characteristic that puts your branding and messaging effort over the top. By adding custom packaging, you are creating a retail look for your gift in addition to maximizing  perceived value.  More than just your brand, custom packaging communicates your message before the package is even opened.



Whether your project is being sent to 30 people or 3000, Bergman efficiently executes the task of getting your packages into the hands of your audience whether they are located in the US or based internationally.

Want to get started?  Just reach out to your Bergman Account Executive for a quick consult on where to begin.


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